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(no subject)

Perhaps if I decant the bleach into my ear, I will be free of this compulsion...

Sad Blue Phalloi (Still Not Safe For Work.)

Non-DA Link

I considered painting a Sad Phalloi In Snow, but there would be shrinkage.

Sad Phalloi in Snow! Sad Phalloi in Snow!

Is there a non DA link?

Can you give a link to where this could be bought on your site? My head hurts too much to hunt through your gallery (I did try!).

You can follow the link above--otherwise, just send an e-mail to ursulav (at) metalandmagic.com since we don't have an automated shopping system yet. (Soon!)

....there would be shrinkage....

Wouldn't shrinkage make them cuter?

I'd say that's even more a reason to draw them.

Eeeee, it's insanely cute! And in the sitting position it seems less phallic - I'm sure I could show it to a couple of my more sheltered friends and they wouldn't even clock it was a penis straight away...

I wonder if you could do anything at all similar with a vagina/vulva/clitoris/uterus or if it would just end up looking like scary New Age tat from Etsy.

I think it's a lot harder to work with. Penises have a distinctive shape and silhouette, whereas vulvas and whatnot don't, since they're so...errr...internal. At best I could make vaguely O'Keefian clams or something.

Other artists are welcome to prove me wrong, mind you!

I think you need to get out more. Or possibly less.

(Wheee, wangs!)

Wangs with wings</i>, no less.

My question is why they're so often SCALY penii.

Venereal diseases in ancient Greece... well, let's just not go there.

Awwwww... poor little sad phalloi. Makes you want to kiss it better. ;)

I notice you've stopped prefacing this sort of thing with "I CAN EXPLAIN!"
That's a bad sign.

I suspect that by this point, it's futile...

I love the phalloi. They're just precious!

And, it's been a good evening for seeing your art. Admittedly having you post things to your blog isn't that surprising, though 3 in one day is a little unusual. I was not, however, expecting to see you on ModBlog.




They are so freaking cute! You totally must do mini-valentine cards. You know... like the kind that are slightly bigger than gift cards?

I would say something like the "The Power of Phalloi Compels You", but I fear that could result in a sketch of one wearing a little Roman collar.