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(no subject)

Damnit, I have PMS.

This was an incredibly productive week, and I should be feeling pretty good all around, but instead I spent the morning grumpy and brooding. This should have been a warning sign that it was probably a bad time for me to, oh, start reading about uncontacted tribes (which is ALWAYS depressing reading) but I'm not very quick on the uptake.

Then I followed random links and wound up at this guy and promptly burst into tears (not that it's not a bloody tragic story, but I'm generally not quite so hair triggered.)

I should go paint phalloi or something happy.

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Frolicking phalloi - good for what ails ya!

They are coming to get you, rising up from the Phallocrypt!

Now in Dionysovision!
...coming soon to a theatre near you!

Seriously, aren't there all times when we wish we could dig a whole in the middle of our hut--err, house--and hide from others? I empathasize with this guy.

Happy vagina to go with the happy penis.

Paint some fruits! Kumquats with wings and pointy claws, or some limes.

maybe drawing more phalloi will make your emotions swing in a better direction?

Articles like that make me want to go to the amazon in a Killdozer and gun down every frikken non native person there. I should take more celexia i think

PMS Treatments

Not "cures," mind you. But these things help me when the Red Army approaches:

1. Pasta (carbs are soothing)

2. Chocolate

3. A hot bath---use lots of good stuff from Villainess, Lush, L'Occitane, etc.

4. More chocolate

5. Good TV---the Travel Channel, Animal Planet (only do NOT watch the shows like "Animal Cops" where you see abused animals, as this will result in OMGWTFBBQPMS)

6. Did I mention chocolate . . . ?


(Deleted comment)
Re: PMS Treatments (Anonymous) Expand
Re: PMS Treatments (Anonymous) Expand
Everyone Loves Phalloi.

Something completely unrelated and random Buuuuuut-

Are you aware of Burning Man?


I should go paint phalloi or something happy.

"What is that?"
"It's a happy penis."
"Why is it singing?"
"Haven't you learnt not to ask those questions by now?"

Yes, you should! Lots of cute phalloi playing soccer!

Now Ursula, you know if you paint more happy or not happy phalloi, I will have to purchase them... we're all waiting for the plushies to cum out.

I find that peeling someone you're pissed off at helps a lot! Instant, no more PMS :)

"I should go paint phalloi or something happy."

my first read of this was that you were going to go
paint on a phallus, or.. something.. kinda like tha-

aw, hell, iunno.

but yeah, that's what came to mind first, and it still made
sense in context. which is to say you should do this.
and then take/share pictures.

The best I can do is offer commiserations for your PMS and some good news...

You've been linked on Neil Gaiman's blog again. Your post about the power of comics was sent in and he described it as "an astonishingly powerful entry that I think everyone should read."


Does that help a bit?

I don't know if anyone's linked you to this yet, but someone got a tattoo of the Lurking Sock Puppet. http://news.bmezine.com/2008/11/10/you-forgot-i-was-a-ninja/#comments

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