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(no subject)

Damnit, I have PMS.

This was an incredibly productive week, and I should be feeling pretty good all around, but instead I spent the morning grumpy and brooding. This should have been a warning sign that it was probably a bad time for me to, oh, start reading about uncontacted tribes (which is ALWAYS depressing reading) but I'm not very quick on the uptake.

Then I followed random links and wound up at this guy and promptly burst into tears (not that it's not a bloody tragic story, but I'm generally not quite so hair triggered.)

I should go paint phalloi or something happy.

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I must find the creator of this campaign and take an axe to them.

*looks for the Larson-esque big red SMITE button*

*settles for rapidly applying head to desk*

I think you could probably say "...take an axe to *him* "!

A happy vagina and a menstruating vagina are on the opposite ends of the spectrum.

That sounds almost as bad as the singing belly buttons

I would like to point out that clicking this link coincided with my MP3 list picking the Marilyn Manson version of "This is Halloween" from the Nightmare Revisited album.

look it up on Youtube to understand how much this has the sound of PMS. i never really saw it that way before but yes it works

Also i noticed that the machine did not let me convert Whiny to anything positive.

Is it just me, or does the machine look like its regurgitating the new, PC words....

...I'm not even female, but I just...gaped...in shock, horror, and outrage at that. Could they GET more condescending?

W... T... F... Have a happy period? There are not enough brain-frying chemicals in the WORLD to achieve that!

Oh, I'm not cramping...I'm in tune with my body

Ok...someone needs to die for that

I can't decide whether to laugh so hard I bust a lung, or feel offended. I should probably do both.

I mean, how is it supposed to "empower" me to think of me cramps as being "in tune with my body"? WTF?

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