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(no subject)

Damnit, I have PMS.

This was an incredibly productive week, and I should be feeling pretty good all around, but instead I spent the morning grumpy and brooding. This should have been a warning sign that it was probably a bad time for me to, oh, start reading about uncontacted tribes (which is ALWAYS depressing reading) but I'm not very quick on the uptake.

Then I followed random links and wound up at this guy and promptly burst into tears (not that it's not a bloody tragic story, but I'm generally not quite so hair triggered.)

I should go paint phalloi or something happy.

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...I'm not even female, but I just...gaped...in shock, horror, and outrage at that. Could they GET more condescending?

Click 'bloated' and it gets processed into 'curvy'. Yeah right, like I'm going to feel curvy when my gut is bloated until it's bigger than my breasts. Both of them, put together. O.o

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