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(no subject)

Whew. Spent most of yesterday with my skull bones feeling like they were made of hot rocks. It didn't really present like a migraine, but by the end it was definitely feelin' like one. Seems better this morning, but blarrgh! I'm a little sloggy still, and I can feel it kind of...lurking. Time to hit up the ibuprofen.

In other, and rather more cheerful news, my much-more-on-top-of-things-than-I-am significant other has posted my tentative con appearance list for 2009! Yay! Cons!

Today I have to run errands, mail prints, and pick up a coupla pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving...

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At close of MWFF they said you would be there next year. Huzzah!

Any chance you'll be in Worldcon?

MFF is a fine event. You should have a great time.

So it's true, you really plan to be at MFF 2009? Guess I'd better change my mind about not going next year.

Man, I wound up working security at MFF this year. The security team told me you were going to be there to try to convince me - I was all excited about meeting you. Now I just feel used. :) But I'll be there next year too, so hooray!

Migraines suck, I had a nasty one last week that just wouldn't let up.
I don't know if anyone's contacted you yet, but I've been harassing the guy who runs the Central Canada Comic Con (or C4, formerly Manitoba Comic Con) to get you up here in the Northlands, because we love you.
I will continue to harass and berate him until he at least contacts you. Adam West is going to be there. ADAM WEST! OMG!

man...too bad you don't live in a country where you can buy codiene OTC...you still have the migrane but it makes it so you don't care anymore.
Kinda fun to draw on the stuff too ;)

Hope one day our relatively newish comic con gets you up here.


Nothin worse than a headache for crappy feeling, not getting anything done kind of day. Have you tried mint oil? They usually sell it at most herbal/health food stores, and a bit at the temples almost always takes the edge off for me. Plus, it smells nice.

*shifty eyes*
Hrm....if you are making your con list....you....ah....might consider FurFright here in CT.Don't know if that's too far a schlepp for you, but it's a fast growing and fun con headed by two very kindhearted and sweet people. Has more of a family atmosphere than some of the really huge cons, which is kind of nice.

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