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Random Round-up

Ben is in a cone, and grumpy. We had a flea problem for awhile--it's been a horrible year for fleas here in North Carolina, the vets are grumbling about it every time I go in--and while it's mostly under control, thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, Ben tends to yank his hair out when he's under stress, and denuded a patch of his back as a response to the flea dermatitis thing. Since he's been losing weight--combination of more exercise, not being constantly overfed, and the kitty herpes flare-up*--he can actually REACH the patch on his back with his tongue now, and managed to lick it raw.

Hence, the cone.

He is not pleased. 

He is deeply not pleased. It constricts his whiskers, and the beagle is totally laughing at him. He will allow some petting, but as soon as he feels you're patronizing him, he will growl at you. Ben, much as I love him, is a bully by nature, and being unable to bully the other members of the household has him completely off kilter.**

Meanwhile, Thanksgiving prep proceeds apace. Library is finally done--just needs another chair in it.

And I woke up this morning to Kevin saying "Oh lord. You're in the Devil's Panties." Heh heh heh...

In other news, Kevin and I frequently joke about the Stages of Intimacy--y'know, when you're comfortable farting in front of the other person, when you're willing to break into the bathroom while they're using it, at what point you let them drive your car, that horrific moment when you get a zit in a place you cannot reach.... He's written an amusing column on some of those stages.

And I should probably get some Real Work done, and write a little Dragonbreath this morning...

*Kevin, in a further sign of awesomeness, took to hand-feeding him, since Ben's not at all food-aggressive and wouldn't push past the other cats. Greater love hath no man than will kneel patiently on the floor while an enormous tabby snarfs and drools over his hand.

**He cannot bully the border collie, who is simply too large and too patient, or Kevin, who has too much experience with irritable cats. This puzzles Ben greatly.

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Regarding Ben and the Cone Of Humiliation - have you seen the Soft-E Collars? It doesn't (much) affect a cat's whiskers, like traditional elizabethan collars do.

You might be amused to know that the "greater love hath no person than that they feed your animals" sentiment was the axis of a Southern Baptist sermon I heard once.

As for Kevin himself, ~raises tea mug~ I salute you, sir; you rock. :)

I agree--keep this one.
He's good.

I once had a cat with really sensitive skin, who apparently had a bad reaction to the flea drops we put on the back of his neck. We misplaced the location of the drops a bit when we put them on, and he was just barely able to reach the spot and lick it raw. We tried putting a cone on him but he was just completely miserable with it, and thinking out loud, I said "You know, he has to turn his head so sharply to reach the spot, an extra-wide regular collar would probably work just as well." My husband-at-the-time got the "Aha!" look, ran upstairs and came down with one of the bondage handcuffs--about 2 1/2 inches wide, metal lined with leather, closes with a loop-and-mini-padlock setup. He put it on the cat, clicked the lock, and presto, we had Dot the Bondage Kitty in his posture collar. It kept him from reaching the spot, but he was still able to eat and move around normally until the scab healed up and the fur grew back, and it was freakin' hilarious to look at him until it did.

This gave me the giggles. I want to see pictures of the bondage kitty!

Border Collies do not bully easily at all. Full grown bovines can not bully a Border Collie. I know. I live with three Border Collies. Used to be four, but Old Age is one of the few entities which can bully a Border Collie.

Hey, Kevin! ::Raises Cup:: Goodonya!

This is the truth. One of our cats tries. He tries in vain, for not even hooking his claws into the Border Collie's cheek will stop the relentless onslaught of playful nipping.

Aw. Poor Ben. Humiliation is difficult to bear.
I assume you're using a good flea control? For kitties I rather like Revolution, which also gets rid of earmites, and seems to be less allergenic than frontline or advantage, at least on my sensitive-skin kitty.

Revolution worked about as well on these fleas as spritzing them with water and saying "shoo." I think they must have been sneaking doses of revolution, frontline, and the other stuff to build up an immunity.

Now we've got a two week cycle for the dogs - week one, frontline, week two, the magic pill that kills fleas dead. Seems to be doing the trick, and then with the cold snap, they aren't bringing them in anymore.

With Sierra's food allergies we just used a sock. She had a patch just below the shoulders that she licked and licked and licked and licked and licked.. We took an old but clean sock, clipped the foot-end off and cut two holes in for the front legs, then pulled it over her head.

She was uncomfortable at first and kept falling over but it was that or a cone, she has no idea the bullet she dodged.

is it a clear collar? that usually helps the grumpiness. bullying can be done through a clear collar. ego win all around.

It makes me sad that some couples never, ever reach these stages.

Our poor tom is currently in a collar. Well, he's in the larger collar, since after some months (!) he's managed to master the art of hooking a back leg round the edge of the smaller collar for grooming.

With nothing else he can get at, those poor back legs got horribly overgroomed.

As to what causes his scabs, it's not fleas. The vets have gone pretty well all the way through everything they can think of (including sending off biopses for analysis), and the current treatment (which is slowly causing it to clear up) is putting him on a special gloopy diet.

My in-laws' cat has a similar mysterious allergy. They think it may just be local flora (she is an outdoor cat).

My boyfriends and I found an Intimacy Achievement we may never attain: I am comfortable looking for kinky porn on the internet with you looking over my shoulder. We share stuff now and then, we know the outlines of what each of us is embarrassed about being hot for, but it's still just waaay too intimate to browse Furaffinity with someone looking over your shoulder to see what you go 'ooOOOoooh!' at.

What, they don't go and find the porn for you? Tch!

Aw! Poor Ben! Jeff's cat Google has kitty herpes too. He uses it as an excuse to get wet food from me when I come over since it's the only way he'll take his medicine.

Lol Wut Pear has popped up again, this time in comments on Fark.com.


Just letting you know.

Are there more where he came from? There seems to be a sea of "omg, and then she stopped dressing up and wearing makeup constantly and then it was like eeeew gross and I dumped her" guys who prefer the girls they just see a few hours a week and are done to the nines. After a few years of living with something not glossy-off-the-mag-cover, they get disgusted.

Or perhaps there's a training camp? He looks like he could run a training camp...

My other half whines when I wear makeup. O_o He always tells me I look so much prettier without it. :D

our kitty is currently colarless because she was managing to snag it up to where she could chew on it.... which is a bad thing because she's eplileptic and we need to be careful of what she eats.

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