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(no subject)

Note to self: If somebody is extremely punchy, and as a result is trying to play "Stairway to Heaven" on your ass, yelling "Play Freebird!" will not help matters to any significant degree.

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This may well be the best euphemism ever.

It still may be the best euphemism ever :-)

The key word there is 'wasn't'. It wasn't then, but it is now.

Haha, I remember being in an Irish themed bar in Menorca with a folk singer (random) and yelling "Freeebiirrd!!" and he bloody well played it!
Must've been a complete embarrassment to my dance-music-loving girlfriends as I sang (yelled) every word (drunk), I think at one point someone said "Look. Oh bless her" D:

I showed iberian_wolf this and he made the same face I did. Then I said "I'd like to try to arrange lunch with this person on Sunday." He blinked, looked at the screen again, and went "Oh, it's Ursula."

You're having an interesting effect on someone that hasn't met you :)

I'm intrigued. How does one play Stairway on another's ass?

o/" And this butt you cannot spaaaaya-aa-a-a-a-aaa-a-aaaank o/"

But wouldn't "Stairway to Heaven" be more properly played on the thighs?

Ah, but that's the mark of a *true* Master; the ability to transpose music onto a different instrument.

It's been a while since I last heard it, but I can't think of enough percussion to warrant playing "Stairway to Heaven" on an ass. If we didn't have to be going for dinner with family, I'd grab my wife, and conduct an experiment...

Could have been worse: Could have been a Buddy Rich solo.

Yeah, if the guy was trying to play Hendrix on her ass he would have been using his teeth.

He shoulda Rickrolled your ass.

Nickelodeon Rickrolled the Macy's parade.

Isn't Foster's Home on Cartoon Network?

Could be.
I just saw a quick posting of it.
Thanks for the correction.

Even if you add "Play it pretty for Atlanta"?

Yes but can they play "Wipeout"?

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