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(no subject)

Life is good. Art in the works, cartoons on TV, and the latest book by Diane Duane is out. (I love her books. If you haven't read any of her "Wizardry" series, or "Book of Night with Moon," they're wonderfully charming. They're also in Young Adult, for some reason, which I find odd, since Redwall is over in straight fantasy, and they're way more serious and less formulaic than Redwall, and I confess that I still feel a twinge embarassed when I thread my way into the brightly colored children's section of Barnes & Noble, past spawn a third my age, to yank something off the shelf. Still, I suppose such mild mortifications are good for the soul. But I digress.)

I am not in the habit of making New Year's resolutions--other than "This year, I will make art," which is a perennial one, and which I never seem to have much trouble fulfilling. Maybe "This year, I will make good art," but I don't need a resolution to strive for that (and anyway, if I fail, I'll be depressed enough without the added resolution baggage.) So. This year, I will make art!

And I will also try to drink less Coke. But that's as far as I go.

And they call it Auld Lang Siiiiiiiiiiiigggn...

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Ahh, tonight i think i'll be sitting back and watching Brak and Carl host an Adult Swim marathon for a few hours, and then some anime, and then.. hmm, maybe some drawing, myself. ;) Happy new year. :D

If you haven't tried it, the Golden Compass by Philip Pullman is good. It is a bridge book so you might find it in Young Adult or Adult Fantasy. I really love this one because I love the world created in it, much like I like the Earthsea books by Le Guin. It is the start of a trilogy. I'll keep a look out for those books you mentioned. They sound good.

HAW! Someone else remembers Alan Sherman!

"I know a man, his name is Lang
And he has a neon sign
And Mr. Lang is very old
So they call it..."

--Little Cat Fnord

Re: HAW! Someone else remembers Alan Sherman!

Well, I hadn't been thinking of Alan Sherman, but since you mention it...

Won't you come home, Disraeli?
Won't you come home?
Come home to Queen Victoria...

*cough* Whoa, there's a chunk of my childhood I never expected to see again.

Diane Duane is not onaly a nice writer, but a nice person too. Met a nice, charming witty person at the last Discworld Convention... And did my usual thing of not reading their name badge till halfway through the conversation. You can of course see where this is going...

Plus, she posts to/reads/lurks at alt.fan.pratchett, so I'd already had semi-conversation. Fantasy and Speculative Fiction writers tend to be witty people, and also some of them are nice as well.

I found Duane's work when she first published _The Door Into Fire_ and then grumphed for the next fifteen years or so while she wrote Star Trek novels before she finally finished the fourth book of that series. The young wizards books are nicely done.

Latest book by Diane Duane? Is it in the Wizardry/ Book of Night with Moon world, or one of her science fiction books? I haven't really followed her other series, but I wouldn't mind picking up a new Wizardry book if it's out. And as long as we're recommending things, Tad Williams's "Tailchaser's Song" is a good 'cat's perspective' book. I don't think I'd call it "charming" (there's some pretty gruesome imagery in there) but it's still a good read if you like cats and fantasy. But if you hate imaginary language building, consider yourself warned: it's the sort of book that includes a bonus glossary at the end.

I'm sitting on my hands to keep myself from spending money I don't have on "A Wizard Alone" right now, since my local library isn't even taking steps to order a copy. I love those books so much, and the only way I could think of to make them better would be to make them longer and more numerous. Have you tried out the audiobooks? I'm not usually fond of them, but the woman who reads the Young Wizards series is brilliant.

So You Want to be a Wizard?

I cried when Fred dies. I still cry at that moment when I re-read that book. The first one is still the best in that series, but the second was pretty good, too.

Hi...uh...yeah, I'm another nondescript fan. Reading every LJ entry I can get my hands on from start to finish. And laughing repeatedly at your musings and rantings along the way. I usually don't comment (except on gearworld, and that's only because deviantart has instilled in me this urge to 'first or near first comment' whenever I can) but this one made me smile so much that I just had to. Anyway, just wanted to tell you that you're like way up there with Douglas Adams in my mind. Except that was worse, because I'd take the book to class and read under my desk and giggle loudly in the middle of the room while everybody stared.

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