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(no subject)

It's an addiction, man. Can't...stop...painting....

Angel & Devil Phalloi

I am resisting--so far--the brilliant and nefarious suggestion of World of Warcraft themed phalloi, both because I don't want to get sued and because the world is NOT READY for little shaman phalloi dropping totems about and frost shocking with their little nubbly feet, and don't get me started on "epic mounts" in this context.

Besides, I haven't played in like two years. And also it's kinda hard to put armor on those things. And you can't just do generic armor, because then people will demand to know why you didn't put the epic purple Tier 3 Epaulets of Erection on them, or worse yet, the generic will accidentally resemble something that's warlock exclusive and this is clearly a hunter phalloi (note pet hiding behind things, trying not to make eye contact with the other pets) and what am I thinking, didn't I research this stuff at all?

Yes. These are good reasons. I will be strong. Yes.

Non-DA Link

people will demand to know why you didn't put the epic purple Tier 3 Epaulets of Erection on them

Hee! You can't just casually mention an idea as awesome as this and then not do it ;) Shamans and totems! (edit: since I'm a first time commenter, that was totally not meant to be demanding and omgdothisNOW!!!11111fordfocus)

These things are great because while they're cute, they're also some kind of not right...but they're cute.

Edited at 2009-02-24 01:44 am (UTC)

She really should know by now that posting about things like that leads to encouraging and inciting and enabling. One might almost think she's looking for excuses to do it ... ;)

I sent the link to the pic to a friend of mine and her first words were 'that would make a great tattoo' :D

My first thought was "those would make awesome stuffed toys" :D

Pfft. WoW phalloi would be... I'm not sure what, really. Something!

But I look forward to whatever phalloi you make in the future, fandom-based or not. I've personally been having WAY too much fun doing phalsonas for people. So I have to thank you for giving me the idea! I'd never have come up with it on my own, not in a million years.

Ah, but WoW encourages fan art!

I'm just not sure they meant it to go quite *there*.

They even have an area on their website for it.

I confess. The more that you paint these, the more tempted I am to purchase one and hang it (discretely) in my office at work. Just to see how long it took for someone to notice.


Sorry, pet peeve of mine. Discretely means something else entirely.

Why am I thinking that Warren Ellis needs to see that...

... and yes, people do make silver ones that move like armor:

If you do one Alliance set and one Horde one, they will instantly become hilarious message board memes.

First the pear, and now this...

Okay I NEED these guys on Note cards. I could pay Humm, about 8-9 bucks plus postage. They would be perfect for my next round of These are Not bills cards i will be doing in march.

I have snorted and snickered and showed these to friends. I love these little guys.

WoW phalloi...

*head asplodes*

...that might not have been the optimal choice of phrasing there....

The idea of a tauren shaman phalloi fills me with more glee than I care to admit.

I imagine WoW phalloi would open up a great big legal can o' worms...

However, general Fantasy RPG Adventure phalloi would be full of win.

P.S. Angel Phallus looks very much like Sad Blue Phallus - relatives, perhaps, or did Sad Blue Phallus ascend to heaven?

Yes, I was also considering what sort of phalloi can't be whined about by WoWlawyers. Such as, say, Minotaur phalloi! Elf phalloi! Orc phalloi! Hard to get the tusked troll thing but there's always walrus phalloi if you want tusks. You can put a little bukkit nearby, to make it happy.

If you do a priest phalloi, you can always handwave that it's a generic one; EverQuest has clerics, too, after all, so if you can find a good phalloi way to represent laying on hands, you can probably coast on "I'm not taking off on any of you; I'm doing a generic MMORPG trope!" And we all know Paladin Phalloi are best at protection.

*beth runs away, giggling*

Is it odd that I find these things cute and not appalling in any way?

I've always found penes to look benign and vulnerable. How they became a symbol of power is a mystery to me.

OK --0 you know I have to maintain my hold on the Phalloi market!


Aw, now people are going to think my angel and demon phalloi statues are rips-offs of you when I put them up. But yours are so much cuter than mine! Especially the demon's wings! Like half-formed Dragon wings. It's adorable.

epic purple Tier 3 Epaulets of Erection

My orc warrior totally needs this armor.

I thought they already had those.

Y'know, the Lawbringer Spaulders?