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Well, it's getting close enough that I can finally make the announcement--Graphic Smash is spinning Digger off and giving it its own site! They think that Digger was pretty much the breakout hit of the site, and they've wanted to do this for awhile, but there was some buying out and corporate stuff, so everything was on hold for awhile. But now it's back on track! We'll have our own site! Woot!

(Yaaay! Much rejoicing! )

On the downside, this means that I have spent the past three hours manually re-naming files and uploading them in batches. I have to do this for the ENTIRE ARCHIVE.

(sobbing, tearing of hair, rending of garments)

However, once it goes live--and I'll have links hopefully soon, we don't have the site designed yet or anything, so it'll be a little bit--it will hopefully be very cool!

It will also be going off subscription, and over to advertising--Graphic Smash is pretty much abandoning the subscription model. I'm pleased that we'll get more traffic as a result, and that people will finally get to read the whole archives for free, but I also find myself wanting to do something nice for all my faithful subscribers, who quite literally paid my rent a couple of times--without them, Digger would have been abandoned long ago, and I owe them big time for having sustained me and my comic so wonderfully and well.

So if anybody has any suggestions--downloadable wallpaper or whatever hardly seems like ENOUGH, but while I'd love to offer a limited edition print free to past subscribers, I learned my lesson mailing the Taxman prints--I can't afford another thousand dollar mail bill! If anybody's got any thoughts, please feel free to post below...

Also, Kevin just called me down to see a big-ass possum sitting on the fence looking grumpy. (He had a right to be grumpy, Brandon had been trying to herd him, and possums are not good herd animals.) He didn't move when we got close and shined the flashlight on him, possibly hoping we'd go away. His tail had dark bands of pigment at the base, and a few dark spots, and he had a twitchy little pink nose. So that was cool.

*joins in the chorus of "there was much rejoicing" and passes out cookies*

I'm subbed, so what I'm most looking forward to is a decent archive system. It was the biggest pain to try to find a particular scene, so I can't wait to see how you set it up at your new site. I have the yearly subscription, which of course just renewed, so I'll have to see when, exactly, the service ends and find out who to talk to about a partial refund.

Ooh! I just realised... now I get to force all my dear friends to join my Digger addiction -- and they have no excuses this time. Muahaha!

*laugh* Well, at the moment, I have it broken up into chapters, which I admit doesn't help you locate individual scenes. It basically works by tags, and I'm not sure how to break it down after that...tag with what characters are in it?

Of course, if you decline to renumber/rename the archive using one of those utilities (the free Bulk Rename Utility comes to mind (for Windows), although I haven't figured it out myself, yet), you want help renaming the gargantuan stores of artwork?

I have at least as free a schedule as you, if not more.

That is just AWSOME! Excellent news!

Hurrah! Finally I can recommend Digger to everyone, and they can start at the beginning :)

Please don't cause yourself undue stress or massive costs just to say thank you - I'm sure no one wants that!

I subscribe to GraphicSmash soley for Digger.


Me too! I can't say I care for anything else there, thought I've looked, and the site design makes me loopy. I can't stay logged in, and navigation is a nightmare. I am glad Ursula's work is going to be made available to the masses! THANK YOU URSULA!

My technically inclined hubby suggests that you make sure that your created date or modified date for the files are in order, and then there might be some fast ways to fix them. If you want to talk about it (he optimizes people's relationships with computers for a living) his email is greg@gregthetech.com.

Since the whole archive will now be available for free, is there any way we could get a PDF of each of the old chapters? I was going to go through and do it myself, but I wasn't sure how entirely legal that was. But looking through all the pages (or re-reading the whole story) on a website.. well, I'd just like to have a PDF. Is that do-able?

You need to have a digital camera on you at all times.

While it is probably less-helpful-than-moot now, the command line utility "curl" (Linux, OS X, and CygWin) allows downloading/uploading of files to be scripted, and a combination of "ls", "sed", and "awk"/"gawk" can be used to script renaming of files. Figuring out how to do the latter, however, may not be worthwhile, unless you enjoy learning Unix power tool commands for the joy of it.

We use CKRename at work when we need to do batch renaming. It's pleasantly flexible, small, and easy to use.

A suggestion for renaming files easily

Get yourself FolderMatch. It's $40. It's the best file management utility I've ever owned. It even has a free 30 day trial of the full version so you can make sure you like it before paying for it.

One of the things it does is mass file renames. You can add prefixes, suffixes, and/or sequentially number them a dozen different ways.

It also will check for duplicate files, compare files or folders and show you the differences; it will syncronize folders (makes backups a breeze) any way you want.

I will give the caveat that hidden in the help menu is a "Help on Life" page that pushes the bible. Other than that; it's a great program. I'm not against the bible; I just think it's an inappropriate place to push it on people. They don't push their specific religion; they encourage people to read the bible.

Perl is your friend

>On the downside, this means that I have spent the past
>three hours manually re-naming files and uploading
>them in batches. I have to do this for the ENTIRE ARCHIVE.

No, no, no! Have Kevin slap you out a quick script to rename
and upload those puppies! 15 minutes worth of work . . .

Free Digger!!! Add this to my list of reasons why life is good =D