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Well, it's getting close enough that I can finally make the announcement--Graphic Smash is spinning Digger off and giving it its own site! They think that Digger was pretty much the breakout hit of the site, and they've wanted to do this for awhile, but there was some buying out and corporate stuff, so everything was on hold for awhile. But now it's back on track! We'll have our own site! Woot!

(Yaaay! Much rejoicing! )

On the downside, this means that I have spent the past three hours manually re-naming files and uploading them in batches. I have to do this for the ENTIRE ARCHIVE.

(sobbing, tearing of hair, rending of garments)

However, once it goes live--and I'll have links hopefully soon, we don't have the site designed yet or anything, so it'll be a little bit--it will hopefully be very cool!

It will also be going off subscription, and over to advertising--Graphic Smash is pretty much abandoning the subscription model. I'm pleased that we'll get more traffic as a result, and that people will finally get to read the whole archives for free, but I also find myself wanting to do something nice for all my faithful subscribers, who quite literally paid my rent a couple of times--without them, Digger would have been abandoned long ago, and I owe them big time for having sustained me and my comic so wonderfully and well.

So if anybody has any suggestions--downloadable wallpaper or whatever hardly seems like ENOUGH, but while I'd love to offer a limited edition print free to past subscribers, I learned my lesson mailing the Taxman prints--I can't afford another thousand dollar mail bill! If anybody's got any thoughts, please feel free to post below...

Also, Kevin just called me down to see a big-ass possum sitting on the fence looking grumpy. (He had a right to be grumpy, Brandon had been trying to herd him, and possums are not good herd animals.) He didn't move when we got close and shined the flashlight on him, possibly hoping we'd go away. His tail had dark bands of pigment at the base, and a few dark spots, and he had a twitchy little pink nose. So that was cool.

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*sobs with joy*

I canceled my subscription after a few months... Graphic Smash's site design kind of broke my head. I love archives! I can't wait to reread them again! Yay!

Incidentally, I was taking a standardized test today (writing skills - one of those college outcomes assessment thingies) and one of the random reading sections involved interesting plural nouns, including those intended to refer to groups of animals.

For instance, a gang of elk. I promptly thought of you upon reading that. "What would an Ursula V. elk gang look like?" *mental picture* I was rather gleeful over that.

Then I came across "a knot of toads" and suddenly regretted my ability to free-associate your art.

You know, that could be a great book, just for the illustrations. Start with some of the standard ones, and then make up some obscure and amusing ones.

You don't have to make up the names; a bank of monitors is the one I remember best.

I seriously suspect either drug use or burnout, possibly both.

Then again, start with the animals, then go one to the humans; a giggle of schoolgirls, grunge of transients, a clip of gangbangers....


Deck of (card) gamers
Library of RPGers
Gig of (online) gamers

Wunch of bankers is, apparently, somewhat accepted. It's a Spoonerism.

Very few made-to-be-funny collective nouns ever hit me the same way actual (or at least older) ones do. An exaltation of doves. Parliament of owls. Business, labor (I don't remember what a labor is of), mob.

Labor of unions? o_O

bask of alligators/crocodiles
cloud of bats
skein of geese- geese in flight

Yeah, I still suspect drug usage.

Ah. Labor of moles.

I do not think moles come in that kind of quantity.

Murder of crows! That one once got my half out of class early for most correct trivia answers, I was a hero for five minutes.

Yay! for obscure knowledge!

Did anyone ask you why 'murder' or was there just a stampede for the door?

Yeah, one of my friends had been reading aloud from a random trivia book the day before and I remembered that one. XD

A raft of otters. :D

Boom de ya da!

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