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(no subject)

Waiting to hear back from the referral vet on scheduling Ben's extraction...he's having ANOTHER episode, despite two steroid shots in the last two months. Depending on what it is, I'll need to lay in painkillers and antibiotics until then.

Poor bastard.

(And whether I'm referring to Ben for being in pain or Kevin for having to sit on Ben's head wearing cowhide gloves while I dose an angry cat is left as an exercise to the reader...)

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Kitteh Wrangling seems like it would be a fruitful - ah, no, that's a dangerous word with you - promising line of inquiry for your artistic explorations...

Actually better yet - dentist phalloi - but do phalloi wear clothes? or just ornaments? I could see a phalloi with a big arse dentist mirror...
Oh dear, did any of them warn you I get seriously WIERD with too little sleep??

I used to have to cuddle my cat into a sense of false security, then discreetly wrap a towel around him/her, at which point they realized what was going on. Boy cat would struggle, but I would win, his long legs working against them as they got trapped against his body, until he was in a cocoon of beach towel. Pilling then ensued. Girl cat had short legs and was part bobcat, so she still managed to do damage, but at least her back legs were immobilized long enough she couldn't run.

Those welders' gloves sound lke a good idea. While dosing my boy cat finally became simple enough, I've seen pissed off raccoons get dosed easier than my girl cat.

Our tom is missing three of four canines.

Oddly, they weren't extracted, they just disappeared with no apparent distress on the part of the cat. It's not as though he's got visibly bad teeth or anything (the non-canines look as strong as ever), he's just mislaid these.

We wonder whether, given modern feline life, he's part of an evolutionary pathway to a variety that just doesn't have canines. Bit like humans.

How come I'm now picturing Get Fuzzy's Bucky Katt?

Edited at 2009-02-27 05:07 am (UTC)

Poor Ben. I wonder if I'm the only person who hates the word 'extraction'. It just seems like an attempt at making the whole procedure sound ... pleasant. When it's not. Then again, for a cat or a dog they get to sleep through it all. Wish I could have slept through it when I was a teen and they 'extracted' teeth to make room for braces.

Y'know, my hubby and I just found out one of out cats, Tiger, has Hyperthyroidism, and needs either surgery or medication, twice a day, every day for the rest of his life.Plus multiple trips to the vet for bloodwork to constantly ensure he's getting the right dose, and his thyroid levels are OK.

Tiger likes to bite. And claw. HARD.

So, your last comment pretty much cemented the surgery option.

There was brief talk w/ the hubby re: medication, which resulted in us both shaking our heads and going "Nah, we LIKE our fingers, thankyouverymuch!"

Poor Ben!

I hope everything goes okay with both of them. ;)

Will he not take his meds in a cat treat pill pocket?

My cats used to get methimazole, a biter pill, and could really taste it, so they'd eat around it. They loved the pill pocket (which also comes as a plain treat called Lean Treats), just not the pill. I found I could sometimes trick them by crushing it up into yogurt, though, since the yogurt masked the taste.

That worked on my cat (see userpic)... *once*. When he discovered he'd been tricked, it took months to convince him to go anywhere near yoghourt again, despite the fact that it's one of his favourite foods. Now we don't bother hiding pills in food and just stick them down his throat.

My answer to your reader exercise is: Both of them.
Much luck to all of ya, and may you keep your fingers. :D

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