UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Heroescon Prep

Today's dedicated to con prep for this weekend's HeroesCon in Charlotte, and lord, is there a lot of it.

I did most of my printing last week, so today is all jumbo prints. Then I pack up Sir Printy and my art equipment, pack a suitcase for suitable Con dress-up (Leather Saturday, vaguely Ren-Faire Sunday...Friday is set-up, and I prefer not to wear corsetry while lugging heavy objects.) transfer all the new images since last Anthrocon to my portable harddrive (unnnghgghgh....) do a water change in my fish tank and pack my car.

And buy a timer for my tank lights.


Come out to Heroescon! This may be my last year doing it--I'll have art and Biting Pear soap and do sketchbooks and I'll have a few (very few) Dragonbreath on me and Lord willing and the creek don't rise, a bunch of Digger, and Endangered Ark Cards and all kinds of stuff.

Meanwhile, have some art!

Iguana Triptych

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