UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

....aaaaand more photos.

There was car juggling today, since Kevin's car was in the shop, so I wound up kicking around Raleigh for a few hours after getting my taxes done so that I could give him a ride home. I went to the Arboretum with my shiny new camera.

Now, let me say off the bat that I KNOW everybody on earth takes a bizillion macro photos of bugs when they first get a really awesome camera, and I am aware that it is cliche, and that mine look pretty much like all the others, because while I know many people who are artists with a camera, I myself am an artist who OWNS a camera. That's fine. It's more the delighted amateur naturalist at work than the artist--I don't get an urge to paint these guys, I get an urge to ID 'em. My tendency is for crisp, in focus, and usually centered. I photograph like somebody taking reference material, not like Ansel Adams.

That said, if you see any of these you'd really dearly love a print of, I can manage 5 x 7 of most of 'em, and 8 x 10's of a few, so give a yell, and if you'd like to use any of these as reference material for art, feel free, just drop a credit if you copy really closely or anything.

I put up a few on DeviantArt, but rather than overwhelm the gallery there with OMG bugs, I just knuckled under and got a Flickr account at last.

Bee Closeup (oh god, the details!)
Canna Heart

Red Wombat Photostream (lots more bugs!) 

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