UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Con prep. Con prep con prep con prep.


Also? Con-prep.

I miss the days when con-prep consisted of loading the print-box, matting the last coupla pieces, packing a suitcase and handing my upstairs neighbor the keys. Now I have to hire a petsitter, clean the house, ship the con-kit to a very kind man who is taking delivery of it out there, and back-up my entire world onto a portable hard drive, in addition to loading the print box, matting the last pieces, packing the suitcase and wondering if the new clean-up crew in my fishtank* is going to survive until my return.

Into this whirl of activity, I got the script for Batbreath, which needs editing, which I am determined to finish before we fly out on Thursday for the con.

Once more, into the batcave...!

*More about this at some point. I finally replaced Crab-Bob, one of the Snail-Bobs, and added a new Shrimp-Bob, because the pest anemones were running wild. Daily water changes for nearly two weeks got the resulting water-quality crash under control, and I caught two of the coral-eating starfish that finished off the last of my zoos. Still a gnarly digitate hydroid problem. Not sure what to do about that...
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