UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

The snow melted away to nothing. I found myself prowling the garden section of Lowes Tuesday, fighting the mad urge to throw twenty bags of dirt in the back of the Vibe and taking them home to set up the bed that I plan to put in this spring. (Last year was the central island bed--this year I'm gonna put a bed around the edge of the lawn, to make an edge between the wild area and the grass.)

Maybe next week.

I also find myself staring at the clumps of daffodils that have come up religiously and thinking "Why didn't I plant grape hyacinth under the shrubbery last fall? Why?" (I love grape hyacinth. It is a guilty love, because the stuff is a non-native, and does become invasive, but as such things go, they're pretty mild-mannered--they flower in early spring and then vanish for the year, they don't eat trees or strangle other plants, they don't form vast monocultural stands, and they work great under shrubs. *sigh*  I have not yet succumbed to my worse nature and planted them. Perhaps this year.)

And now I am staring out the window with my binoculars going "I could get out there and pull up that grass...and cut back that dead bit...and..."

Spring better hit soon.

Meanwhile! Signing this weekend--Saturday at 1 pm at Chapel Hill Comics!  They'll have Digger, Dragonbreath 1 & 2, and Nurk! Come on out! (please god, come out!)

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