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Puttering around in the garden this morning. It’s gonna be a scorcher. I gave everybody a long drink. That was…interesting.

The new beds required me to get a hose extension. So I picked up another fifty feet of hose a few days ago, attached it to the end, and…blaaaaargh. Thing has more kinks than a nightclub on Bondage Tuesday. I fought it around the yard twice already, but I am not pleased. (And I am not getting a hose caddy. Hose caddies are my nemesis. I have bloodied, infuriated, and humiliated myself with hose caddies.)

A lavender plant I bought on a whim has flowered. It was called “Boysenberry Ruffles” and I picked it up and looked at the photo on the tag and thought “Wow, that’s pretty!”

And you know, I was absolutely right. That was a very pretty tag. The flowers, on the other hand, are much drabber and lower contrast, and the bees that were supposed to be flocking to them appear to be busy elsewhere. Well, it’s early days yet–maybe it’ll be more impressive later in the season. For the moment, however, I would not recommend this plant.

The tag is totally worth checking out, though.

On the bright side, my mammoth sunflower seeds have hatched! (Err….sprouted. Although given the size of these things, hatched might be more accurate…) It’s been so long since I grew anything from seed that it was exciting and unexpected to see them actually WORK.

Small green caterpillar on the leaf of the cup plant. I cheered him on and told him to eat hearty.

I was very excited yesterday morning to see one of our big black rat snakes out. While a sizable specimen, he wasn’t the Big Black Snake that apparently owns this territory, a huge beast who I’ve seen stretch across the entire driveway while out and about, and who Kevin has encountered in the past eating bird eggs out of a hanging flower basket on the front porch.  (Cue lion cub held aloft over savannah, “It’s the circle…circle of liiiiife…”)

Now, to get some work done and then go take a nap.

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