UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Return of the Birds

So the birds appear to be back.

For whatever reason, my feeder’s been dead as a doornail the last couple of weeks. The woodpeckers are still flying back and forth to the tree, presumably shoving bugs into yelling throats, and the blue jays have driven off a crow (either predatory or unlucky) and divebombed a squirrel that made the mistake of touching Their Tree. The flock of mourning doves now numbers eight individuals, who spend their time roaming the grounds, sitting sulkily in the bird baths, and panicking if approached by any hostile butterflies. But the usual cavalcade of feeder birds was oddly absent.

I assumed they were off eating bugs or something. I missed them, but…probably bugs. Apparently bugs in someone else’s yard. Sigh.

Today, apparently the bug bonanza ran out, or the squirrel baffle that I put on Monday–despite baffling no squirrels whatsoever–proved suddenly irresistable, because we’ve had two different male goldfinches, their girlfriends, multiple Carolina wrens, a male cardinal, Carolina chickadees, and a catbird, who wasn’t interested in the feeder but thought the newest birdbath (which has been there for nearly two months) was the best thing since sliced mealworms and rolled around in it the way the beagle wallows on my pillow given the chance.

The doves are disgruntled that their private seed reserve is suddenly common ground again, but I’m pleased that everybody found their way back, at least for the moment.

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Tags: birds, my garden
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