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Today I putzed. And went to Michael's for some fluid acrylic to muck about with, and got an enormous frame and mat for 10$. (It was marked down from $179. There is a crappy painting in it, which I will remove and dispose of, leaving me with an excellent frame for dirt cheap. Now I just gotta paint something the right size to go in it...) And played a little Baldur's Gate II.

And that was pretty much it.

James is quitting smoking this weekend, and had been bearing up with surprisingly good humor, even though I know he's in the throes of psychotic nicotine madness. (He quit once before for several years, so I know he can do it, but it's always a miserable few days.)

Re-read "Forests of the Heart" by Charles de Lint. I like de Lint. The plots are never terribly varied, the characters tend to be somewhat interchangeable, but I keep reading for the imagery--these weird little snatches of just plain coolness that vary from book to book. "Forests" has the charming los cadejos a group of garishly colored dancing volcano dogs, which I always thought was cool as hell.

Tomorrow I will finish the page of "Digger" I've been dragging my feet on, and paint the squirrel rocking out. Except I think he'll be a skunk. I haven't painted a skunk in quite a long time, and I always want to paint them so they look like actual skunks--y'know, the cute-but-essentially-bushy-rat-weasels look--rather than Peppi L'Pew. I'll skip the rabies bit.

And now, I go forth to putz some more.
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